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Drypoint Etching

Drypoint etching

Large drypoint etching

Large drypoint etching

Drypoint etching

In collaboration with Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik

Large drypoint etching

Jesper Waldersten

From being one of Sweden’s most popular illustrators and cutting satirist, with numerous international awards behind him, Jesper Waldersten (born 1969) has rapidly made a name for himself as a recognised and distinctive artist.

With his inimitable style in which he seemingly unhindered mixes words, photos, music and draughtsmanship, he creates images where nothing is static, nothing is obvious. The result is unpredictable, ingenious and usually unsettling; you may laugh at the clever wordplay, the sharp humour and the contemporary commentaries but lurking throughout is a depth of seriousness.

He has published several highly acclaimed books and has exhibited in Sweden and abroad to very positive reviews. Waldersten lives in Mariefred, outside Stockholm.

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